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The 504 Company in the News - Westchester Magazine

The 504 Company in the News - Westchester Magazine

                We are pleased to announce that DeCicco & Sons, a grocery store chain and a borrower of The 504 Company, was recently featured in Westchester Magazine! It is an honor that the 504 Company (Empire State Certified Development Corp.) was cited as one of the keys to DeCicco & Sons' success. The six-store chain owned by cousins Chris, Joe, and John (Jr.) DeCicco, has expanded quickly in the past five years, opening four new locations and growing to more than $100 million in annual revenue. Their freshly renovated, eco-friendly stores and high quality products draw customers from around the area, and have put the cousins on the right track for achieving their goal of longevity in business.

                DeCicco & Sons obtained $2 million in funding from The 504 Company to open two locations in Brewster and Armonk, NY, which opened in 2011 and 2013 respectively. With another location opened since then and showing no signs of slowing down, The 504 Company is happy to have contributed to the success and expansion of DeCicco & Sons markets. Read the full Westchester Magazine article here or learn more about how the 504 Company can help grow your business

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