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The 504 Company in the News - SBA Article

The 504 Company in the News - SBA Article

We are happy to report that a 504 Company borrower has been featured as a success story in a recent Small Business Administration article. Originally funded by the 504 Company in 2006, the Scarano Boat Building company has gone on to secure a national reputation for its highly-skilled craftsmenship and innovative technologies. Brothers John and Rick Scarano established their boat business 30 years ago, and have since become well known for building historical replicas, including the largest operational sailing vessel in the past century.

The brothers used an SBA 504 loan issued by the 504 Company to build a 1920's era Manhattan Yacth in 2006, and a 19th century racing yacht in 2011. Recently, the brothers have continued to grow their successful business, using state-of-the-art computer programs and cutting tables to improve their designs and precision. See the full article here, and learn how the SBA 504 program can help your business.

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