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Recently Funded Deal: Paper Products Manufacturer

Recently Funded Deal: Paper Products Manufacturer


  • A paper products manufacturer located in New York’s Capital Region needed to refinance its debts in order to free up cash flow to support growth.
  • The company’s cash flow was constrained due to high usage of trade accounts, which stemmed from their rapidly amortizing business acquisition debt as well as debt incurred to modernize and improve the business following the current owners’ acquisition in 2013. 


  • TD Bank worked with The 504 Company to refinance the company’s debts through the SBA 504 loan program.
  • The 504 loan funded $1,902,425 of the $5,435,500 refinance project. The borrower contributed 15% of land and building equity, allowing the borrower to cash-out for operating expenses to the greatest extent possible.
  • The borrower benefitted from low, fixed-interest rate financing and a 20-year term.


  • The 504 loan created significant monthly cash flow savings for the company, allowing the owners to continue to pay down payables, make further upgrades, hire more employees and pursue additional business opportunities. 
  • The financing enabled the company to retain its 180 employees and create another 10 in the next two years.

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