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Recently Funded Deal: Full-Service Nursery and Landscaping Business

Recently Funded Deal: Full-Service Nursery and Landscaping Business

Situation: A full-service nursery and landscape company in Oneida County, NY had experienced steady growth, which resulted in operations being spread across three leased locations that were not adjacent to one another. These included a primary retail location with a 600 square foot mobile greenhouse and two garage spaces, none of which provided flexibility for permanent development.


  • The business agreed to purchase 10 acres of vacant land to consolidate its three locations into one. Four permanent greenhouses will be built on the land and the business will also move its mobile greenhouse to the property.
  • The 504 Company partnered with NBT Bank to provide $1 million in financing to construct buildings, purchase the land, and cover professional fees.


  • The new retail space offers additional square footage for the business to expand their product lines, and to offer a larger selection of bulk materials for their contractor clients.
  • The new location has four times the amount of drive by traffic than the original retail location, which will provide better exposure for the business.
  • The paved lot at the new location will accommodate 50 vehicles, allowing the business to serve more customers than they could at their original location that had a small, gravel lot.
  • With its new, permanent greenhouses, the business will be able to stay open 10 months out of the year, increasing their season by three months.

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