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Adobo Latin Kitchen- Easton, PA

Adobo Latin Kitchen- Easton, PA

Husband and wife team Jose and Nilda Pinargote had always dreamed of opening a restaurant together. Jose co-owns Pints and Pies Neighborhood Pub located in Easton, PA and with his experience, he knew the right steps to take to start a successful business.

They began the process by reaching out to a financial advisor at Lehigh Financial Group LLC, who referred them to the team at The 504 Company. With their assistance, they secured a loan for $145,000 and their dream became a reality.

The type of loan that helped Jose and Nilda get their restaurant off the ground is a Small Business Administration (SBA)-backed loan for entrepreneurs opening businesses and creating jobs in underserved markets. Jose explains, “Our experience was absolutely seamless. Our loan officer, Ashley, did an amazing job, constantly keeping us in the loop.”

Ashley agrees, saying, “Our experience working with Jose was great and we’re thrilled to know the feeling is mutual.”

In March 2017, their restaurant, Adobo Latin Kitchen, opened for business, providing an authentic Puerto Rican experience in Pennsylvania.The restaurant’s location, in the 25th Street Shopping Center, is a popular spot due to its proximity to a busy road and the area’s up-and-coming restaurant scene. Adobo Latin Kitchen brings a new taste experience to the market, and the restaurant has grown more in the past six months than Jose and Nilda ever imagined.

Jeffrey Barber from Lehigh Financial Group LLC is also enthusiastic, saying “Jose and Nilda Pinargote had the American dream of opening a family business offering homemade Puerto Rican cuisine in an underserved market. They knew that the SBA Community Advantage program was the best program to accomplish their family dream. In the short time since opening, they have already had great success and are considering opening a second location using the same type of financing.”

There are strong indications of success, too. When they initially opened Adobo Latin Kitchen, they had eight employees; within the first two months, they increased the staff to 26, and monthly sales have been triple the projected monthly revenue. “We get excited to be able to provide more job opportunities in our community,” admits José, and The 504 Company is equally excited to support their continued growth.

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