Get to Know the 504 Refinance
Small businesses can refinance debt, reduce a line of credit or payables, and obtain working capital using a 504 loan
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Do More With the 504

Now, businesses can benefit from the value of a 504 loan for more than just expansion projects. In addition to financing owner-occupied real estate and large equipment projects, businesses can refinance debt or obtain working capital at fixed 25-year rates with up to 90% financing.

Bank Financing 50%, 504 Loan 40%, Borrower Equity 10% | 25-Year Term | Fixed Low Interest Rates

When Can a Business Use a 504 Loan

Think about a Grow Loan when a business… Seeks to purchase owner-occupied commercial real estate or equipment (Traditional Grow Loan). Will benefit from long-term fixed interest rates and up to 90% loan-to-value financing(Traditional Grow Loan and Grow Loan Refinance). Has equity in owner-occupied* real estate that can be leveraged for: Working capital(Grow Loan Refinance), Debt refinance(Grow Loan Refinance), Paying down payables(Grow Loan Refinance), Purchasing inventory(Grow Loan Refinance), Hiring employees(Grow Loan Refinance). * Owner occupied real estate includes borrowing business operating out of 51% of an existing building or 60% from a to-be-constructed building
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Work With a 504 Lender

The 504 Company, an affiliate of New York Business Development Corporation, is a leading provider of SBA 504 and Community Advantage loans in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State. Our ability to process applications fast and professionally makes us the go-to partner for SBA loans throughout the region. Get in touch to learn more or partner on a project today.

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